God:Universal Consciousness

By Gopal D Nair

Chapter 24:Integral knowledge of God

When one acquires the complete integral knowledge of God ( Brahma–gyan ) along with the scientific supra-mental awareness (consciousness) of almighty Lord God, all other knowledge are automatically gained. One among thousands embark on the practise of Karm-Yog to obtain proficiency in it ; and only few among them are able to comprehend the essential absolute Truth.
Real nature of the supreme Truth is divided eight-folds as  earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and ego, which form the lower material nature of creation and the unmanifest higher nature which contains and supports the entire cosmos becomes the Soul. The higher and lower natures are the formative energy of God that creates all beings in the universe. God is the origin and dissolution of the universe. The higher (unmanifest) energy is the consciousness-power of the Lord. The self–conscious element ( Soul ) is a miniscule portion of the Supreme God Almighty. In this universe there is nothing beyond the Almighty Brahman. He is the one and the only one, second to none. He is the taste in water, the illumination of the Sun and the moon, the first word of creation “OM”, sound in ether, virility in men, pure odour in the earth, light and heat energy in fire, life-force in all beings and the austerity in the austere individuals.Know that God alone is the eternal productive principle of all beings,  intelligence of the intelligent, and the brilliance of the brilliant, strength of the Strong and devoid of desire and attachment.Know that all “Goodness, Passion and Ignorance”aspects of nature are manifest from Brahman only, who is also beyond all these attributes.Verily, this formative energy of the Nature with its three attributes is Divine and extremely difficult to cross-over. Only those who have surrendered and taken refuge in the Lord can cross-over these inherent qualities of Nature.
Those for whom this integral knowledge of Brahman is veiled through His supreme creative energy ( illusion – Maya ) succumb to the power of demons and perform evil deeds.
Some devotees worship God for redressal of their sorrows, some worship for wealth and prosperity, few seek the secret knowledge of God-consciousness and those wise persons with the integral knowledge of the Supreme One, worship Him with all their faith. These are the four different kinds of devotees who worship God. Among these , the virtuous , wise devotee is ever in  union with God and worships Him with exclusive devotion. Such a person is the most devoted to God and naturally the most dear to the Lord. All these four devotees are noble, but the wise one is ever in blissful union with the supreme One and attains liberation from the cycle of birth and death.   
After constant practise of Karm-Yog in many births, the wise one gains the integral knowledge of God. He realises that the entire universe is “Vasu Deva”(Supreme God Principle), manifesting and pervading all in an undivided form. Such a great Soul is indeed very rare.
Those whose knowledge has been veiled by many desires , go to the refuge of other Deities and according to their nature and rituals worship them with faith. These Deities and Angels are various Divine forms of the one and the only Supreme Lord God; hence it is He alone who fulfills the desires of such devotees. The benefits accrued by these devotees are for short durations but the devotees of the Lord, possessed with God-knowledge attains liberation from birth-death phenomenon.
Those who are of lesser intellect, consider Brahman as an individual and do not know His eternal, transcendental status. This supreme universal Consciousness alone is the entire universe. He is every being, Deities and Angels. He is every individual and also remain beyond all individuals.
Infinite can be manifested only by becoming finite. Unmanifest formless Brahman cannot be observed with our senses. It is a wonder of wonders how the limitless manifests within a limit and also continues to remain infinite.
Lord God alone knows the past, present and future of all in the Cosmos. All creatures in the universe are deluded by the dualities of pleasure-pain born out of affections and animosity. Those who take refuge in God and strive to gain liberation from old age and death, realise in full that transcendental, majestic Brahman and get the complete integral knowledge pertaining to the spirit (Soul – Atman – Supersoul) and the secrets of all cosmic actions.

Chapter 23:Qualifications for a seeker of God-knowledge

The seeker of God-knowledge should learn to enquire and meditate after duly approaching a Master who has himself experienced the awareness of the Atma (Soul or Self)The seeker must have a sharp memory and sufficient knowledge of the outer world and the world within. He has to be intelligent enough to be able to argue for the Scriptures and refute against them, while keenly listening to the discourse from his Guru, without referring to his notes for clarifying his doubts later.Great sages have prescribed certain essential Qualifications for seekers to attain God-realisation, such as the ability to discriminate Real from unreal, detachment from the enjoyment of rewards of work, calmness and a burning desire for liberation etc. as given below:


Discrimination is the capacity to differentiate between the Real and unreal, true and false, permanent and impermanent.A firm conviction that God alone is Real and the illusions of reality of the changing phenomenon of the world is unreal , is the result of the discriminative capacity of the seeker.To arrive at a complete intellectual understanding of the fact that the eternal, changeless, formless, immortal, supreme Almighty Lord God alone is Real , and the wondrous, magnificent but impermanent changeable, manifest world and its objects are all unreal and merely an illusion, is the correct and precise discrimination between real and unreal.

Detachment is that desire to give up all temporary enjoyments resulting from seeing, hearing and experiencing through equipments ranging from a mortal body to the form of God. It is not simply a separation from physical external objects and circumstances that contribute to please, but it is a mental condition in which the person no longer craves for sense objects for joy, riddled with pain and misery.


When the peaceful state of mind constantly rests upon one’s goal, after having repeatedly detached from the chaos of sense objects, through a process of continuous observations of their defects is called calmness. This calmness descends upon  the mind when it gets fixed in its meditations, free from the obsessions of sense objects.

               SELF CONTROL

Steering both kinds of sense organs of knowledge and action away from their sense objects and placing them in their respective centers of activity is known as  self-control.The best self withdrawal is that state of thought waves in which they are free from the influences of the sense objects. When one has become proficient in calmness and detachment, self withdrawal is automatic. Then the seeker’s mind does not get affected by external objects.


Forbearance is the capacity to tolerate all sorrows and sufferings without seeking relief from distress, being free from anxiety or lamenting over them. Meek surrender, tolerance and enduring the suffering for a Noble, Divine cause is indeed an essential quality for a seeker of Supreme Truth.On the other hand, discarding clothes, starving oneself, denying the body its basic necessities or giving unnecessary pain to the mind, running away from life etc. are not forbearance. Instead, the capacity of one’s mind to accommodate cheerfully all it’s vicissitudes and patiently ignore all obstacles is forbearance.


To understand the exact teaching of the Holy Scriptures and the potent words of the Guru, one needs complete faith.Faith is the firmly held belief or conviction in the path of life that a person has chosen. Faith is not a blind belief. It is a function of the intellect. The Supreme Cosmic consciousness – the ‘ ‘Brahman’ cannot be expressed in words. This capacity to understand the words in Scriptures through intellectual analysis is known as ‘Faith’.


Tranquility is the state of mental equilibrium that the mind achieves when it is adequately trained to revel continuously in the concept of a perfect ideal that is universal and omnipotent. This happens when one experiences freedom from emotional or mental disturbance and become calm, peaceful, serene and steady. This poise is obtained as a result of constant meditation on the Supreme and Divine.


Among the instruments and conditions necessary for Liberation, devotion alone is supreme. A constant effort to live up to one’s own real nature is called single pointed devotion. Devotion is love directed towards a higher ideal whereby the devotee attains an unfoldment and experiences an upliftment, outshining his own capabilities. This is essentially a function of the heart.This process is accomplished through a  constant awareness of the Divine in us by maintaining Divine thoughts more frequently, overcoming the frequency with which the ego-idea now persists in our hearts. We shall then experience the Divine as intimately and freely as we now experience our egocentric life.


Liberation is the impatient and burning desire to release oneself, by realising the real nature of one’s Self, from all bondages created by ignorance.The identification with the body, mind and intellect, together called the  ‘ego’, gives us our sense of limitations. The limitations do not belong to our Soul, for it is Infinite and Absolute. It is perfection.To rediscover ourselves is to invite into our lives, the knowing and the understanding of a greater Intellect and a Divine Consciousness. To direct the entire beam of consciousness on oneself, one needs to purify one’s mind and intellect. Only such a true seeker who is ready to live every moment of life in a diligent pursuit of the Real is liberated from the cycle of rebirth.                    •••••••••••

Chapter 22: Sense Objects,a big trap

Human beings fall prey to sense objects due to their strong attachments to them. Adi Shankaracharya has drawn a stark parallel with animals who get trapped by sense perceptions : a deer is always attracted by melodious sound and falls prey to the hunter’s music ; the elephants attracted by the sense of touch during mating seasons, rubbing against each other, walking without caution, fall into pits created by hunter’s, the moths attracted by brilliant flame is drawn towards it and get burnt ; the ever hungry fish  gets trapped by hunter’s bait ; honey bees attracted by the fragrance of flowers, collect honey and store it in its hive to be looted by by greedy man. So also an ignorant person without discrimination and detachment,  going after enjoyment of sense objects become a victim of delusion and suffers pain and misery resulting from continuous enjoyment of various sensual pleasures.Shri Shankara further adds that sense  objects are even more venomous than a cobra poison which kills only when bitten or swallowed. But the sense objects can destroy the person even if one just looks at them.
It is indeed extremely difficult even for an intelligent and erudite person to control their attachment to sense objects. Complete liberation is possible for only those with pure heart, tranquil mind, self denial of the desires of body pleasures and material wealth. One must develop the noble qualities of contentment, compassion, forgiveness, straight-forwardness, calmness etc. to have self control.Mind,intellect,ego and Consciousness are the internal cause or organ ( known as Antahkaran in sanskrit) of the totality of two levels of mind, namely intellect(higher mind) and middle levels of mind, existing as the mental body. Antahkaran is also called the link between the middle and higher mind.Ego identifies the soul (self) with the body as ‘I’; Intellect controls decision making and mind controls the will or resolution.This “internal organ” refers to the entire psychological process, including mind and emotions. The mind levels are astral bodies of Consciousness, Knowledge, Intuition and Experience.These body sheaths(kosha in sanskrit) are cosmic or prana energy .
Over indulgence in sexual activities and attachments  to sense objects will sap the mental and physical energy of the seeker of  supreme-consciousness. By withdrawing the sense organs from their activities, we conserve  a very high amount of energy needed to control our mind and meditate on the Universal Consciousness.

Chapter 21: Karm Yog

Almighty God imparted the knowledge of Karma-Yog first of all to Sun God, the bestower of light and life to the entire cosmos.With his unblinking, all-seeing eyes, Sun-God is the source of wisdom, justice, sovereignty and power of virtuousness. Vedic scriptures sing the praises of Sun-God as the perfect Karm-Yogi.Manu, the progenitor of humanity and ruler of Earth obtained the knowledge of Karm-Yog by worshipping Sun-God in the form of Brahman.Manu then gave this knowledge to the legendary king Ikshvaku of the solar dynasty in which Lord Rama was born. After a lapse of many years, this knowledge which continued to be passed on verbally to seekers of spirituality got completely lost. The first manuscript of Karm-Yog was written by Rishi Veda Vyas, the traditional author of Mahabharat and compiler of the Vedas.Whenever ‘Dharm(Righteousness ) is in decay and Adharm(evil forces of darkness) prevail, the eternal formless Reality, Almighty God incarnates Himself in human form to suppress the evil doers and re-establish Karm-Yog.

Whosoever realises this mysterious phenomenon of the divine incarnation of God gets liberated from the cycle of life and death. Thus with complete devotion, having renounced all sese-attachments, fear and anger, one gets United in the supreme universal consciousness.
Karm-Yog is the eternal way of cosmic action. Even great intellectuals lack clarity in interpreting the symbolic concept of Karm(work or occupation), Akarm(absence of occupation) and Vikarn (occupation with attachment to rewards of one’s work)

The magnitude of the rapidity of Karm is astounding and deeply solemn. One who is enabled to Visualise occupation in non-occupation is a brilliant Yogi who performs all works, noble or base, while remaining united in God-consciousness. One who remains unattached to the rewards of occupation and has scorched all one’s Karm in the fire of Self-awareness is a wise person.( The word Dharm in the above context is being referred to as Karm-Yog ie Sacrificial action and not as a religion. Work performed as a self-sacrifice is an action performed without expectations of any rewards.)

Karm-Yogi performs all tasks being aware of his perishable body and the imperishable aspect of his soul. He remains a non-doer while performing his work.Remaining in God-consciousness, Karm-Yogi is satisfied with whatever good or mediocre rewards for his work, unaffected by pain-pleasure, likes-dislikes etc. No work is binding for such a person. Conscious and active Self-surrender to God is very essential in the path of Karm-Yog.
Karm-Yog means action and karma-sanyas is inaction. Vikram is action with attachment. Sanyas(renunciation) without being employed in activity is impossible . One who keeps one’s senses under control and follows the path of Karm-Yog is indeed a Sanyasi(ascetic). Action is superior to inaction.
He who experiences inaction in action and action in inaction is a wise person, remaining united in God-consciousness while performing all forms of work.

He whose Ventures in all kinds of deeds are devoid of the feeling of being the doer and attachment to rewards of action and whose actions are scorched in the fire of God-consciousness is a  wise person. In such a person there is no desire for rewards, ever satisfied and not dependent on any person, object or creatures in this world and  is not in the habit of amassing wealth for future.Karm-Yog is a sacrificial function in which the person offers all activities including breathing, thinking, eating etc. in the sacrificial fire of self  awareness.The word Yagya (sacrifice) is very significant in Vedic scriptures. Every moment of our life is a sacrifice towards a higher purpose. In this sense sacrifice is not a loss but a gain in giving away something – give and it shall be given back thousand fold. The entire Karm-Yog is centred around this principle.

Chapter 20:The Etheric Body

By Gopal D Nair

The ultimate purpose of life is to achieve the knowledge of the Self ( Atma-Bodha). Having attained this knowledge, all other knowledge is automatically known. All our doubts vanish, our minds become crystal clear of our own nature and that of the universe and we get liberated from repeated birth-death phenomenon and their accompanying miseries. We finally become aware of this blissful state of our own existence. To comprehend this knowledge of Self-realization we have taken numerous births, accumulating both positive and negative Karma, reaping their rewards in every life lived thus far.
To comprehend this phenomenon we need to understand the Etheric states of our body mechanism.The manifest nature of human beings possess three distinct body phenomenon — Gross, Subtle and Causal.

The Gross body comprises of various complicated physical mechanism.

The Subtle body comprises of a series of psycho-spiritual constituents of living beings. Each subtle plain of existence in a chain of a  becoming phenomena that culminate in the final form of human beings.
 The gross body is covered by subtle  sheaths known as physical sheath, mind sheath, wisdom sheath,  and bliss sheath.

The Causal body is the cause or seed of the subtle body and the gross body. It originates  with ” ignorance” or ” nescience ” quality of material nature, veiling the real identity of the soul.

In the wakeful state or conscious state, our mind is fully functional with all faculties of emotions, reasoning, knowledge, memories and ego.

In the dream state, mind is partially functional and in the deep sleep state the mind is fully non functional. Since the emotional faculty is not functioning in the deep sleep, there is no emotion, no knowledge, no rationality, no memory and no ego — all are dormant.

Without the functions of sense organs, there is no awareness of the external objective concrete world or internal abstract subjective world — total blankness — total ignorance prevails.

So what is the dominant medium of consciousness prevailing in this state ?Gross body is not functioning as sense organs are not functioning. Subtle body is not working due to total absence of memory. In this state all our internal and external awareness are dormant.
When the ego element-I is in the wakeful state, then I am waker ; in dream state I am the dreamer and when in deep sleep, I am the sleeper.
Wakeful state is the normal state of the ego. All three bodies are available to it. All the associations related to our physical existence such as family, friends, enemies, self- image, ambitions, worldly possessions, desires etc are firmly attached to this ego-sense . The more we are  attached to this ego-sense the more entangled we get into the web of ignorance.
The causal body is the innermost body contained within the outer astral and physical bodies. It is located in the heart region that veils the soul. However it has no true location it’s essence is too subtle to be defined by space and time. It is verily the Soul itself.The causal body follows us, carrying our Karma records from our previous lives to another body after death. As nature manifests in the form of human being, one dominant quality among the three aspects of material nature is carried forward into that creation…It reflects the evolution of the soul…. It then resides in the mind of this new body.               

Om Tat Sat

By Gopal D Nair

Chapter 19:Karma & Gyana Yoga

Indian Vedic scriptures have set out the knowledge of spiritual faith as in two ways – ‘ Gyana-marga ‘ ( way of knowledge ) of Sankhya philosophy and ‘Karma-yoga'( way of working ). The difference between the two is that Sankhya philosophy is about sanyas – viz total renunciation of material desires and Karma-yoga is the way of working with complete detachment from the rewards of work.

One does not attain the state of inaction by not working or attain perfection through renunciation of all forms of work.That which the ascetics (sanyasi) of gyana marga consider as non-action has two aspects, one is the state of complete inaction and the other is constantly retaining the inner consciousness of inaction, while performing all deeds.

According to the sankhya philosophy, the soul is forcibly made to perform all works through the attributes of nature and hence unable to remain inactive even for a moment. Therefore sanyas without action is impossible.The very nature of Prana (vital energy) is movement ie  remaining ever active. No product of nature is unchanging .There is constant motion in nature.

(Here Karma is used  in a wider context. Wherever there is activity, work is being done ; activity itself is Karma…Constant activity takes place in the body).

Embodied Soul can never remain inactive. Even our thoughts and experiences are activities. Renouncing external sense objects with continued cravings and attachments for them in the mind and intellect is false renunciation.

If one keeps the senses away from their objects but reflects upon them in the mind, considering it as renunciation, then this is a fallacy.One who follows the path of Karma-yoga, keeping the mind under control and performs work with the five sense organs of actions (limbs, excretion, reproduction, speech etc.), is far superior to such hypocrites.

One must perform one’s own nature-ordained duties, remaining detached and keep the senses under control of the mind. It is better to do such work rather than remaining inactive. Even the survival of the body is not possible without work.
All works other than those performed in the form of sacrifice are binding. Therefore abandon all desires for the rewards of actions and consider them as sacrificial actions. 

At the beginning of creation, God created humans with the aid of sacrificial rituals (yagya) and told them that through yagya, they can fulfil all desires and prosper.”Through sacrificial offerings you please the Deities (supernatural beings- Angeles considered as divine or sacred) and they will please you. By sustaining each other in this cooperative manner, you attain prosperity. Pleased with the sacrifices, these deities will grant you desired objects and happiness. But those who enjoy these gifts without first offering it to them are considered as thieves and those who enjoy these gifts after offering them to the deities, become free from all sins. He who does not perform his deeds in the form of a sacrifice and works for his own benefit and enjoy the rewards, actually consumes only sin.

All religions of the world consider offering sacrifices as an important ritual to please the divine beings of Nature.According to the ancient Indian Seers of the ultimate reality and authors of Veda scriptures,there are three essential elements in the cosmos:

1- The Supreme Consciousness- Almighty God , who is pure substance – existence, pure  consciousness and pure bliss

2- Angeles- the executive forms of Lord God, manifested to support the movements and functions of the individuals and the universe — they are divine forces.

3 -The human soul which is an eternal portion of God, manifested as His co-partner in the external play of universal life.

These three elements are essential and not relative. All forms of matter, life and mind- intellect are relative truth, existing in and supported by these three elements. The individual soul depends on the Angeles for its upliftment from material nature to the Supreme nature in order to achieve perfection.

Hence it is essential for the Souls to worship these Angeles and please them with sacrificial offerings and oblations with faith and devotion. In return, the Angels are obliged to please the Souls.

By Gopal Nair

Chapter 18: Sthita-Pragya

”  ‘Sthita-Pragya’ soul (one whose intellect is established in Supreme Consciousness of God)  is not affected with pain or pleasure, is free from fear, anger, remains detached and choiceless from all forms of work and their results.

( This is the state of  perfect Karma-yoga. Lord God who manages the entire universe is unattached, performing all actions, good or base,  beneficial for the general well-being of the whole world. All actions of a Karma-yogi are also similar.)

” Just as a tortoise protects itself from external harm by drawing in its limbs, Sthita-Pragya person too keeps his mind-intellect-senses in the supreme tranquility of God-Consciousness”.

 “Some people keep their senses away from sense-objects forcefully avoiding sensual gratification but the cravings for them persist in their minds. This may result in their feeding on sense objects later. They cannot be considered being free from sensual gratification. Sthita-Pragya Karma-yogi, remaining steadfast in God-Consciousness, does not retain any cravings.”( In the absence of self realisation , attachments towards sense-objects will persist. With self realisation and God consciousness the soul is enabled to remain detached from sensual pleasures. This is the transcendental cosmic consciousness state of the Karma-yogi). 

” The senses are of extremely turbulent nature. They forcibly pull away the minds of even great intellectuals towards sense gratification. Sthita-Pragya individual, in union with Lord God takes refuge in Him alone and control the senses.
(In the primary stages of Karma-yoga, self control is very essential. No one can traverse on this path without self control. One must always bear in mind that the senses are very strong. Keeping the intellect ever in union with God consciousness and taking refuge in Him alone, will one get complete success in self control. Keep meditating on God constantly and do your work.) 

 ” Man ponders on sense objects and develops fondness for them. The desire to obtain and enjoy them becomes overwhelming. When the desire is not fulfilled, anger is generated. Increase in anger causes delusion. Then his discretionary ability is lost, resulting in his downfall.Karma-Yogi  controls his innerself and becoming free from all likes and dislikes, experiences a blissful state, even if his senses wander amongst sense objects”

( ‘Sthita-Pragya’ is a person whose intellect is firmly established in God consciousness.The concept of God and Soul mentioned in The Holy Gita is quite different from the traditional Sanyas and all other concepts of God which motivate one to renounce the worldly life. There are many such attributes which are similar to both Sthita-Pragya  and an asetic Sanyasi… Sanyas is a form of asetism marked by complete renunciation of material desires and prejudices, represented by a state of disinterest and detachment from material life, spending one’s life in peaceful, simple Spiritual environment as a recluse.)

” In this blissful Sthita-Pragya state, all sorrows cease. The intellect of such Karma Yogi of tranquil consciousness, soon firmly establishes in Supreme Consciousness. He who does not make any effort to attain God-consciousness, does not possess the necessary intellectual knowledge of God and is unable to meditate on Him. Bereft of motivation he does not get peace and contentment.Even one of the roaming senses, with which the mind is attached can carry away a person’s intelligence towards the desired object, just as a strong wind sweeps away the boat floating on water. Therefore when a person withdraws all his senses from their objects and keeps them under control, know that his intellect is established in God consciousness and is a Sthita-Pragya.”

“Just as the waters of rivers enter the Ocean which is already full of water from all sides, without affecting the Ocean, all desires enter into the Sthita-Pragya without causing even a ripple. He receives only supreme peace.


              OM TAT SAT !

Chapter 17: Equilibrium

By Gopal D Nair

“Be Yogastha (placed in Brahma Consciousness) and carry out all your activities, relinquishing all attachments and remain equipoised in success or failure. Equilibrium is the crux of Yoga”
( Yogastha means placing one’s intellect in God-Consciousness and following the path of Karma-yoga, containing the aspect of being beyond the three qualities of nature – goodness, passion, ignorance)

“All other forms of work are far inferior to the deeds done by a Karma-yogi with his intellect established in God-Consciousness. One who is attached to the rewards of action is ignorant. A person possessing such balanced intellect is not bound by the results of good or base actions. Karma-yoga is the supreme skill of performing all deeds”

“The wise men who work with their intellect established in God-Consciousness, surrender the rewards of actions unto God and thus become free from the bondage of birth and death and achieve immortality.”( One whose intellect is established in God-Consciousness will remain only a medium of God”s will. Their Karma is directed by the supreme Universal Consciousness. Such souls are independent of the three aspects of nature, keeping the results of their labour in mind and work accordingly, remaining detached from the rewards.It is only when the soul becomes one with the ego element of nature that  it gets attached to the action and its results.

When the soul realises its imperishable (unmanifest higher nature) aspect and is in union with the Supreme status of the Almighty Lord God , it becomes free from its ego element of physical personality. Many of us suffer from this physical selves’ I – Mine association and remain in illusion (maya). This is why Self realisation ( knowledge of the Self) is most important.The soul does not have to forcibly surrender the rewards of its labour. It’s very nature makes it do so automatically.

Thus in whichever work the supreme nature of God employs the soul, it does that work, whatever work that may be. The power of discretion and accomplishment of such work is naturally inspired in the Self. The soul is totally surrendered unto the Supreme Brahman.

“When your intellect crosses the mire of delusion, you will renounce all that knowledge other than this absolute and integral knowledge of Brahman that you have gathered so far or will hear in future also (because on knowing this Supreme Truth, there is nothing else worth knowing). Your intellect will get bewildered from all that you have known from other sources. But when your intellect becomes steadfast in this Brahman-Consciousness and unshaken in supreme peace, you will attain the firm Consciousness of union with God and follow the path of Karma-yoga, ever so naturally”
(This is the topmost level, supreme summit of Karma-yoga. On reaching this state the soul becomes Sthita-Pragya (intellect established in God-Consciousness) which makes it a dynamic medium of God, performing all varieties of good or base deeds.)               

Om Tat Sat !      

Chapter 16

By Gopal D Nair

Those who are Born will certainly Die and will be born again. Death is inevitable.No one knows about the form of manifestation of one’s Soul in the previous life.Manifestation of the Soul is visible in this present life alone. None would know the body form after death.
The Soul element is truly wonderful. Self-realized Souls who have perceived this Jivatma (soul) are wonderstruck and describe the experience as awe-inspiring. Those who have heard about this phenomenon visualise it as marvelous. Even after many explanations we are unable to comprehend this wonderful miniscule portion of the Almighty Creator.

According to the eminent Spiritual Masters, the Soul is of the size of an atom, floating in the five kinds of air– prana,apana,vyana,samana and udana, situated within the heart, spreading its influence all over the body of the embodied living entities. When the soul is purified from contamination of the five kinds of air, it’s Spiritual influence is exhibited (refer Srimad Bhagavad, Mundaka Upanishad, Mandukya Upanishad)

One will not incur sin by performing one’s ordained duties, even if they are vulgar. Do your work remaining balanced in nature’s dualities (pleasure-pain, gain-loss, victory-defeat etc)

Performing one’s work according to this path of Karma-yoga, the effort will not be lost. Even if obstacles occur, it gives good results. Observance of this ‘Dharma’ (law of ordained duties) protects the human being from all fears and help attain Universal Consciousness. This intellect alone is steady and certain.
Karma-yogi is ever in union with God- the true knowledge of Soul, Universe and nature. The intellect of such a Yogi is ever resolute. He does not remain in any uncertain state of resolutions and alternatives, does not wander in endless directions, pursuing other knowledge to fulfil his desires.

For the unwise followers of rituals with attachment to desires, there is nothing superior to heavenly happiness. They perform many sacrifices, rituals, resulting in heavenly and worldly rewards. The resolute state of mind does not arise in such individuals as they keep on chasing newer pastures.

The Vedic rituals are helpful and provide happiness or desired objects only in this material world created by the manifesting lower Nature. It cannot liberate from the bondage of birth and death.One must rise up to the unmanifest higher nature, beyond the control of the three attributes-goodness, passion, ignorance and remain established in pure transcendental existence and realise the Self. 
Similar to a person surrounded by water on all sides, will not seek a small lake for his needs, one possessing God Consciousness will not need vedic rituals.

A Karma-yogi’s authority is limited to the performance of work and not for the fruits. One must not consider oneself as the doer of work and remain attached to inaction.

The main origin of ‘Karma’, according to the Holy Gita is ‘God’ and His innate, higher Cosmic energy. For the success of any action there are 5 causal factors:

1 place or supporting base

2 the doer

3 means of action

4 appropriate effort 

5 unseen universal forces which are directed and controlled by Higher Nature and the Karma of previous births on which man has no control.

Chapter 15:OM TAT SAT

By Gopal Damodar Nair

Having familiarised ourselves with few basic Vedic concepts and tenets of Indian Spirituality in the earlier introductory chapters, we may now be better enabled to comprehend the meanings of the Holy Gita.Given below are the more relevant and important verses from this Holy Scripture.

Om Tat Sat- “One experiences pleasure, pain, cold, heat etc. due to contact of senses with sense-objects . They arise and perish from moment to moment and are to be endured with equanimity.”
“Death is a natural phenomenon of the Embodied Soul, along with childhood, youth and old age. The wise person will not be aggrieved or agitated with this state of transformation.”

“That which is non-substance, non existent, does not manifest. And that which is self-substance, self-existence, is ever manifest. There is no unbecoming of it. Those wise men who have realised the secrets of Truth and falsehood have affirmed this fact. The unreal has no existence, the real never ceases to be.”

The Self-awareness of the embodied Atman (Soul) is veiled by the qualities of manifest nature and remains attached to these modes of Nature and their creations ( i.e mind-intellect-senses). “That which is real or existing” implies which is there all the time and unchanging. The only unchanging Reality is that Almighty God or Absolute Reality…. In other words Truth is existence and falsehood is non-existence. However in the Vedas these pair of words have been used in slightly different meanings to express the complex esoteric  metaphysics of the Ultimate Reality,it is both non-existence and existence.

“That Supreme ‘Purusha tatva’ (elements or principles of Reality) which manifests and pervades this entire universe is imperishable ; no one can destroy that unchanging immutable God. His eternal portion is the embodied Soul which in it’s mutable aspect is the body and in immutable aspect is also present in the unmanifest form. All the bodies of that embodied Soul keep on changing. In its Supreme state, embodied Soul is eternal, omnipresent, imperishable and ungraspable by mind, intellect or senses”.

“This Soul does not take birth or die. It is unborn, eternal and has no beginning. This is not destroyed when the body is dead” 
“Just as one keeps on changing old clothes and wear new ones, Soul also keeps on changing old and decayed bodies, acquiring new ones.”

“Weapons cannot penetrate the Soul, fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet nor air dry it. This Soul in its mutable form is all pervading and in the immutable aspect is ever stable and eternal ; this cannot be known through senses  and is beyond imagination.”

Chapter 14: Sthita Pragya

By Gopal Damodar Nair

When a person casts of all deep-rooted desires of his mind and places his Soul in his Self, he is not affected by sorrow, not desirous of any pleasure, is free from attachment, fear and anger..This Soul is detached from good, bad and all kinds of actions and their results. Due to the supreme tranquility in which such a soul is established, constant action and inaction is maintained. This is the perfect state of Karma-yoga.

Remaining without sensual gratification forcibly, cannot prevent the cravings for them as they continue to persist in the mind. As a result, the possibility of our feeding on sense-objects will remain present.
Karma-yogi is ever present in absolute Cosmic Consciousness, constantly meditating on the Supreme Self. His senses may wander amongst objects but he will remain unaffected, performing noble or base deeds.
The senses are of extremely turbulent nature.

They forcibly pull away the minds of even great intellectuals towards sense objects. The STHITA-PRAGYA individual takes refuge ever in Supreme Consciousness which keeps his senses under control.
Man ponders on sense-objects, developing fondness for them. The desire to obtain and enjoy these objects become overwhelming and when it is not fulfilled, anger is generated. Overcome with delusion , his intelligence and discretionary ability is lost, causing his downfall.

Karma-yogi controls his inner self with constant meditation on Supreme Consciousness, merging his wandering senses into sublime peace.
Sthita-Pragya denotes a person whose intellect is firmly established in the Supreme Self. In this delightful state all desires and sorrows cease. The intellect of this Karma Yogi of tranquil consciousness, is ever aware of the Self.
Karma-yogi does not forcibly suppress the senses, but controls them like a Lord !

Chapter 13:Perfection In Karma Yoga

By Gopal Damodar Nair

The wise men who work with their intellect firmly established in God-Consciousness naturally surrender the gains of their toil unto God and become free from the bonds of repeated birth-death . Their Souls become immortal. Verily, they become the  medium of executing the will of God. Their deeds are directed by the  Supreme unmanifest Mother Nature. They attain the status of reaching beyond the three basic essential qualities of Nature (viz Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik).

The Soul  is forced to remain attached to its work until it continues to identify itself with the Ego Element (I). When the ‘Self’ realises it’s  powerful aspect of the “Supreme-cosmic-consciousness”, it becomes free from its’ physical personality and performs  whatever work in which it is employed by God. 

The power of discretion and accomplishment of such work is automatically generated because the Soul is totally surrendered unto the Almighty creator. When Atma gets enlightened with the knowledge of the Self, all other great knowledge is automatically known and used for performing right action.

When our intellect becomes steadfast in this Brahman-Consciusness and unshakable in supreme peace, we attain the firm Consciousness of union with The great Architect of the Universe and follow the path of Karma-yoga, ever so naturally.

This is the state of ” Perfection in Karma-Yoga.”

Chapter 12:Karma Yoga Benefits

Translation and commentary by Gopal Damodar Nair.All Rights Reserved

“Be placed in Brahma Consciousness and Karma–yoga and do all your work, giving up attachment, remaining equipoised in success or failure. Equilibrium is known as Yoga.” Holy Gita-ch 2-48

This transcendental state of Brahman is the supreme tranquility. This supreme peace is also the state of supreme activity or supreme creative power. While performing work in this state with one’s entire capabilities and Consciousness, the state of constant inaction also prevails. Neither does one get attached to action and give up the status of inaction nor does one get attached to inaction and give up actions altogether. Getting established in Brahman in this form and following the path of Karma-Yoga is known as the Yoga of Equilibrium. People following this path of “Karma–yoga” continue working unaffected by success or failure.It is  pertinent to note here  that it is possible to remain unaffected by success-failure, fame-defame, victory-defeat etc,only on attaining ” Self realisation”.

“All deeds performed with attachments to desires are far inferior than the ones done by the intellect in union with Brahman. Take refuge in that intellect. Person desirous of fruits of action is ignorant. One whose intelligence is established in God, will submit all noble and ignoble deeds unto Him.” Holy Gita- ch. 2 – 49, 50.

Almighty Lord God being constantly active and unattached , all our constant actions, whether noble or base, becomes a sacrificial offering unto Him. Human beings remain only a medium  of Brahman,  placed in supreme peace. With the intellect in union with the Supreme Consciousness, all actions will be performed with full capabilities and power.

This method of Karma-yoga practice of work done with  outstanding intelligence, according to one’s own natural disposition, basic quality and behaviour is highly beneficial.

On account of this supreme power and consciousness in the faculty of thinking, judging, abstract reasoning and conceptual understanding,
our intellect will cross the mire of delusion and we will automatically renounce all other misguiding Knowledge gathered thus far and in future.

Chapter 11:Knowledge of the self

By Gopal D Nair

Adi Shankaracharya composed the Atma Bodha — Knowledge of the Self (Atman) , for those who have purified themselves by austerities and are peaceful in Heart and calm, who are free from cravings and are desirous of liberation.

The word ‘Heart’ here is another term for the Reality and  it is neither inside nor outside the body. There can be no in or out for it, since It alone Is.Heart in philosophy and literature refers to the nobler emotions in a person’s bosom, cherishing noble virtues.

Quoted below are 9 stanzas of this treatise to begin with;

1.Just as fire is the direct cause of cooking, so also, without knowledge no emancipation can be had. Compared with all other forms of discipline, knowledge of the Self is the one direct means for liberation.

2.Action cannot destroy ignorance, for it is not in conflict with or opposed to ignorance. Knowledge does verily destroy ignorance as light destroys deep darkness.

3.The Self appears to be finite because of ignorance. When ignorance is destroyed, the Self which does not admit of any multiplicity, truly reveals Itself by Itself — like the Sun when clouds pass away.

4.Constant practice of knowledge purifies the Self — as the powder of the ” kataka nut” settles down after it has cleaned the muddy water.

5.The world which is full of attachments , aversions, etc., is like a dream. It appears to be real, as it continues but appears to be unreal when one is awake ( ie.,when true wisdom dawn’s).

6 .The universe appears to be true, so long as Brahman, the ultimate Reality, the substratum, the basis of all creation, is not realised. It is like the illusion of silver in the mother- of pearl.

7.like bubbles in the water, the worlds rise, exist and dissolve in the Supreme Self, which is the material cause and the prop of everything.

8.All the manifested world of things and beings are projected by imagination upon the substratum which is the Eternal all-pervading Reality, whose nature is existence-intelligence ; just as the different ornaments are all made out of the same gold.

9.The all-pervading Void or Emptiness appears to be diverse on account of its association with various conditionings ( upadhis ) which are different from each other. Space becomes one on the destruction of these limiting adjuncts. So too, the omnipresent Truth appears to be diverse on account of Its association with the various upadhis.

Excerpts from the Aitareya  Upanishad translated by Shri V Jayaraman

* The Self only verily all this was in the beginnig. Nothing else whatsoever stirred. He (the Self)thought, ” Let me now create the worlds “.
He then created all these worlds. He created the world of rains. The heaven is its support. The world of sunrays is the mid region. The earth is the world of death. That which is below is the world in waters.

* He thought – Here are now the worlds. Let me create their controllers. So from the waters He brought out the Purusha and gave him a shape.

* He meditated upon him. From him who was thus meditated upon, the mouth was separated, like (a chik coming out of) an egg. From the mouth came the speech, from speech fire.

* The nostrils were separated. From the nostrils breath, from breath air.
* The eyes were separated. From the eyes sight, from sight the sun.

* The ears were separated. From the ears hearing, from hearing the (eight) direction of space.

* The skin was separated, from the skin the hairs, from hair plants and trees.

* The heart was separated. From the heart the mind, from the mind moon.

* The navel was separated, from the navel the out-breath, from the out-breath came death.

* The reproductive organs were separated, from it retas(seminal fluid), from retas water.

The Aitareya Upanishad reflects the beliefs, practices and philosophical views of the Vedic scriptures.He who is manifested, may He manifest himself before me . Acting as a nail may He make the knowledge of the Vedas stay with me. Do not let go what I have learnt. With the help of what I have studied day and night, I speak that which is harmonious, I speak the truth. May that protect me, protect the speaker.

Chapter 10: Kshetra & Kshetragya

By Gopal D Nair

‘Atma’ is the embodied soul known in Sanskrit as Kshetragya’ and ‘ Kshetra’ is the body. The body is considered as the ‘field’ of experience of consciousness and Kshetragya is the knower of ‘ Kshetra’.

Lord Krishna has explained this concept in the Holy Gita in relation with the mutable and immutable state of God as follows:”God is also Kshetragya in all bodies — knowledge of Kshetra and Kshetragya is the supreme knowledge of the supreme Truth” Holy Gita 13.2.

Kshetra is material, mutable, transitory and perishable. Kshetragya is the conscious knower of the kshetra.Kshetra is the manifest material nature and the Kshetragya is the principle cause of creation.Un–manifest energy of God becomes the embodied Atma and the manifesting energy creates all the objects and creatures of the material world.
“The seers of the Truth have sung the secrets of Kshetra and Kshetragya in various rhythms and in different forms.The Vedanta ( Brahma Sutra) has also explained the same in different ways with  decisive reasoning”. Holy Gita 13.4.

Brahma Sutra is the scripture of Vedanta. The sayings regarding Brahman are spread out in various rhythms and expressed in poetry form on the basis of self-realization.The authors of Upanishads have enumerated the knowledge of Brahman, combining their intellect and realisation in their own versions.  These sayings, spread out in the Veda literatures were arranged properly and given an organised form in Brahma Sutra by Vyasa, establishing the knowledge of Vedanta with decisive reasoning.

The Holy Gita presented the knowledge of Brahman ,  The Great Architect of The Universe,  at a time of deep crisis in life during the beginning of Mahabharata battle.

Thus the knowledge of God realisation , instead of remaining merely a Principle, became a spiritual guide for the general public.This knowledge of Kshetra– Kshetragya has relevance to Karma–yoga.

Chapter 9 : Karma Yoga

By Gopal D Nair

The science of Karma – yoga is prescribed for attaining the status of the Supreme Consciousness, while living life fully at the material level and thereafter becoming completely free from the bondage of work in all aspects before death.

God is omnipresent in every activity. The physical, mental, intellectual capabilities in every activity are obtained from God’s original nature. When this fact is realised by the individual Atma, one becomes free from the egoistic feeling of being the doer of the deed accepting the fruits of action in the form of God’s blessings.

When our intellect becomes God oriented, all our actions get transformed into an offering unto God. This will gradually raise the inner consciousness to the status of Cosmic Consciousness. This is the scientific principle of Karma–yoga.

Physical sciences have arrived at the conclusion that all products and creatures are united with the entire cosmos, just as inert or conscious limbs and parts of the body are united in automatic synchronisation . Only our sense organs perceive that there are individual existence in the cosmos.
Remaining in God consciousness while performing work without attachment to the reward our Atma–consciousness gets uplifted and keeps ascending until all actions become sublime. The person then gets live contact with God, remaining equipoised in nature’s positive or negative rewards.

Karma–yoga is constantly dynamic in the sacrifice of one’s deeds without the ego influence of being the doer. Creation of the universe is a vast sacrifice, providing perfection through mutual cooperation between all creatures and Cosmic Consciousness.

The person performing all work as a sacrifice to the Almighty God becomes more skilful, utilising all intellectual capabilities, exhibiting more proficiency and concentration. Such a person will constantly experience the existence of the Atma with the body and also without the body at the same time, performing all duties without the feeling of being the doer.

Chapter 8: Laws Of Karma

By Gopal D Nair

The Law of cause & effect
As you sow, so shall you reap. To receive happiness, peace, love and friendship, one must be happy, peaceful and loving and a true friend.Whatever one puts out and into the universe will come back to them.

The Law Of Humility
One must accept something in order to change it. If all one sees is an enemy or a negative character trait, then they are not and cannot be focused on a higher level of existence.

The Law Of Growth
Wherever you go, there you are. It is we who must change and not the people, places or things around us if we want to grow spiritually. All we are given is ourselves.  That is the only thing we have control over.When we change who and what we are within our hearts, our lives follow suit and change too.

The Law Of Responsibility
If there is something wrong in one’s life, there is something wrong in them.We mirror what surrounds us, and whatever surrounds us, mirrors us. This is a universal Truth. One must take responsibility for what is in one’s life.

The Law Of Connection 

The smallest or seemingly least important of work must be done because every thing in the universe is connected.  Each step leads to the next step. Neither the first step nor the last step are of greater importance. Both are needed to accomplish the task. Past, present, future are all connected.

The Law Of Focus
One cannot think of two things at the same time. If our focus is on Spiritual values, it is not possible for us to have lower thoughts such as greed or anger.

The Law Of Change
History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.

The Law Of Patience & Reward
All rewards require initial toil. Rewards of lasting values require patient and persistent toil. True Joy comes from doing what one is supposed to be doing, and knowing that the reward will come in it’s own time.

Chapter 7: Karma Yoga

By Gopal D Nair

The Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’ is a spiritual discipline focusing on creating harmony between mind & body and man & nature.

The practice of yoga leads to the union of ‘individual consciousness’ to ‘universal consciousness’. Scientists have affirmed that everything in the universe is a manifestation of the same quantum firmament. The person who experiences this oneness of existence is termed as a Yogi, having attained the state of liberation. The aim of yoga is self-realisation. This science and art of living originated in India, dating back to 2700 B.C. the very dawn of civilization in the Indus valley. Lord Shiva is the first Yogi or Adiyogi. Yoga does not adhere to any particular religion, ethnicity or culture.

Lord Krishna has defined Karma yoga as a spiritual practice of ‘selfless work’ performed for the benefit of all concerned.The plants,trees and even many animals that produce a variety of life sustaining products do not consume the same.This is a natural law.

 Karma is the sum total of all deeds of one’s past and present lives in relation with that person’s Dharma. Dharma is the underlying nature of reality, the cosmic law that powers all things through ethical, right action. The notion of Dharma as duty is explained in detail in Veda and Upanishad scriptures, wherein duties of kings, parents and their sons and others are clearly demarcated.

Karma determines the quality of life lived by a person in the next birth , depending on whether that person fulfilled his duties dictated by his Dharma. Karma yoga is the path of unselfish work leading to spiritual liberation. It guides a spiritual seeker to act according to one’s Dharma, without being attached to the fruits or personal rewards.Human tendency to seek the fruits of action is normal but exclusive attachment to fruits could compromise Dharma.

According to the Bhagavad Gita , selfless service to the right cause with the right feeling and right attitude is a form of worship and spirituality. There are only three means to spiritual liberation — Gyana yoga (knowledge) , Karma yoga (action — work) and Bhakti yoga (devotion).

Those who are of philosophical approach prefer Knowledge-path, those inclined to productive application of arts,skills and knowledge, prefer the Karma path and the ones with emotional connection choose Devotional path of Yoga. These three paths overlap with different relative emphasis.


By Gopal D Nair

The original creative power of God is the eternal un-manifest Energy that transcends the universe, present everywhere.  This is the transcendental state of mother nature – the formative cosmic energy of God, known as Prana in Sanskrit language – the living being or Soul.

This original nature is both the material and the instrumental cause of the universe — the inherent power of God.

PRANA is the primordial energy of the universe, the Life force. Practitioners of Pranic healing learn to see and feel this energy which appear as an aura in sheaths of rainbow colours surrounding the body.

This energy has also been photographed by Kirlian photography developed by Russians. Prana is also described as a vibration between atoms. All beings and even inanimate objects vibrate at different frequencies.The manifest objects of the world is created  by the Lower Nature. Higher Nature provides active support to the material world and becomes Prana in numerous forms.The five subtle elements (sound, touch, odour, taste and form), the five gross elements (ether. air, fire, water, earth), ego, intellect, mind,  the ten senses and the manifest nature — these 24 elements together constitute the body.

The inevitable attributes such as desires, happiness, hatred, distress, life energy etc. are ever present in this body, similar to smoke being an attribute of fire.

If fire is manifest, smoke will result. Likes– dislikes, pleasure–pain, I–ness, my—ness, and such other mental attributes are all natural functions of the body. Whatever number of bodies the Atma may change, these attributes will continue to remain. When the Atma develops to the status of Supreme Consciousness and becomes an active medium of God, these attributes will appear in a transformed state.In such a state many pious virtues such as not expecting praise, not being a hypocrite, nonviolence, forgiveness, innocence, purity, control over senses, absolute devotion towards God etc.will arise.

These are all qualities of a Karma Yogi. Karma yoga is a spiritual path based on the Yoga of right action without any attachment to the fruits of action.

Chapter 5: Born Again

By Gopal D Nair

The Embodied living being (Atma/Soul ) takes birth again and again until it attains  its original state of Supreme universal Consciousness (Paramatma).
The person who has established ones mind and intellect in the Supreme Consciousness even during the last moments of life before leaving the body, gets liberated from rebirth.

Amongst all living creatures, human beings alone have the power  of independent knowledge , decision and action. Human beings are also free from the control of Nature to a large extent and therefore it depends on one’s own self to achieve liberation from rebirth.

The Action–seeds of one’s own deeds sown in the previous lives are also the causes of joyous or sorrowful experiences in this life along with the results of present life Karma.Our Karma  also gets influenced by the Material Nature’s goodness, passion and ignorance mode quotient and their balancing factors. Whichever attributes are dominant at that moment, will affect our action and its results. 

We have to ensure that our deeds get gradually dominated by the goodness mode during the process of the involution of our heart, mind and soul. We need to attain this  internal spiritual evolution as we become slaves to  passionate desires arising in our body, mind and senses.Our minds get conditioned by our society with false, misleading, aggressive and repressive beliefs.

The eternal purpose and the great goal of existence is ” God realisation”. After the endeavours of many births, the wise person surrenders unto the Supreme Consciousness and becomes free from rebirth. Such wise persons are rare. Most of us continue to remain in illusion and ignorance due to the influence of passion and inertia, succumbing to the ever insatiable lust, desires and false Ego of I-Mine-ness.  When we get rid of this feeling of ” I am the doer of deeds” and offer all our actions as a sacrifice to God , knowing that only God is the real performer , we become one with God and get liberated in this very life.

Then we are not born again !

Chapter 4:Liberation

By Gopal D Nair

God’s own eternal portion becomes the Soul, drawing the Senses and the Mind from the Mother Nature to  manifest the body. If the Manifest, Unmanifest and the Supreme unmanifest Consciousness had not been pre-existing in the Soul, it wouldn’t have been possible to reach beyond the three modes of Nature (goodness, passion & ignorance).

This is necessary for understanding or realisation of  the Self entity, without which humans cannot attain ‘liberation’– our main purpose of Life.Just as the seed in the fruit manifests itself as a plant with the help of the five elements of Nature, the soul creates the mind and senses with it’s inner creative material energy and help of external material nature.

The Mind, Intellect and the gross body are the self manifestations of the Soul.  When the body becomes frail,old and die the soul occupies a new body to continue its journey and experience the awareness of itself as the ‘ Embodied Soul’.
Until the knowledge of this ‘Self’ is realised,  it continues to take rebirth. Herein is the need for Involution– the inner evolution of the heart, mind and soul. 

Involution can help deepen, strengthen and liberate us , helping us to attain self awareness, self discovery and self understanding.According to the principle of evolution, the effect already pre-exists in the cause ; as oil in the seed or butter in milk.However the egoistic self ego instigated by illusion leads the embodied soul into different states of delusion and emotional instability. Illusion does not spare anyone.

The influence of illusion manifests in every aspect of life. It is a force of nature responsible for egoism, delusion and Ignorance.Rebirth repeatedly provides human being the opportunity to achieve the goal of self realisation and ultimate liberation .

Chapter 3: Self Realisation

By Gopal D Nair

 This all pervading Universal Consciousness is verily the God Almighty, creator of all, origin, maintainer and eternal cause of all. Omnipotent, omniscient, beginningless and endless.
In the Supreme transcendental Consciousness state, God is formless, beyond all attributes of Nature.
This super consciousness is present in human body in the form of a Spirit (Atma or Soul). This is what Krishna and Jesus meant by saying come unto me – become one with me. I will absolve you of all sins and liberate you. 

Being liberated is to get established in the transcendental Super Consciousness state, wherein one remains Equipoised in pain and pleasure , hot and cold and other such dualities.The Divine Formative energy of God, made of the three modes of Nature, is very difficult to cross over. One needs to take complete refuge in God and unite with the extremely subtle Consciousness Principle.

The journey of the Soul begins from the gross inert level. After obtaining some freedom from the Material Energy, it manifests itself at the level of Breath (Prana) -the vital life-force . Thereafter, the Soul manifests at the level of Mind and Intellect. Then with this intelligence the Soul becomes reasonably free from the inert Nature and Prana but subsequently this bondage becomes stronger. On account of this stronger binding , the inert matter and  Vital Life-force keep on trying to control the Intellect, Mind and Senses.

By its very nature, ‘ Prana’ is constantly in motion, keeping the human being engaged in “hunger and thirst”. This hunger and thirst of the Life force is also known as “Desire”.This desire arising out of Passion, motivates the Embodied Soul to commit sin ,  by casting the veil of Ignorance on the Self-awareness of the Super Consciousness of the Soul.However even the worst sinner can overcome the sins with the knowledge of Self awareness. The person who possess this knowledge and practise ‘ Karma Yoga’, gets established in the supreme tranquility, leading to the union of individual Consciousness with Universal Consciousness, attaining perfect harmony between mind, body and Nature.

Chapter 2:God Particle

By Gopal D Nair

The Manifest World is created by  the Lower-Nature , first  producing the Principle ‘of the’ Vast Intellect ,which is the element of ‘Truth’ and ‘Will’

Thereafter Ego element is formed.The Ego element is motivated by the principle of separation, producing the I-ness,the individual or limited beings.
As per the dominance of the attributes of nature;Ego acquires Goodness, Passion or Ignorance modes. 

From Goodness Ego , arise Individual Intellect, Mind and Senses.

Ignorance-Ego produces the 5 fundamental subtle elements– Sound ,

Touch , Form, Taste and Smell , which in turn produces the 5 gross elements —





Ether (space).The quality of Ether is ‘word ‘ ( sound , resonance or vibration ).

The ‘ Air ‘ produced from Ether bears the qualities of Sound and Touch. 

The  ‘ Fire ‘ produced from Air has the attributes of Sound , Touch and Form.

The Water produced from Fire , bears the quality of Taste together with Sound , Touch and Form.

The Earth has all these qualities, including Smell.

Thus the Higher-Nature, Intellect , Ego , Mind , 5 senses of Knowledge , 5 senses of Action , 5 gross Elements and the 5 subtle Principles (sound, touch etc.) , together constituting the 24 Elements , produce all the objects and creatures , as manifestations of the Lower–Nature.

The Higher Nature becomes the Soul (Atma) and support the actions of Lower-Nature.

This is the God Particle.The Universal Consciousness !

Chapter 1

By Gopal D Nair

The manifest, unmanifest and the supreme unmanifest Consciousness are the 3 eternal status of the ‘ Supreme Reality’ mentioned as ‘Chidakasha’ in the Vedic texts. All gross and subtle activities of the Consciousness take place in this ‘ sky of Consciousness’ where all manifest creations perish and evaporate , reduced to its essence.The manifest nature governed by the principles of Nature is the Formative and inherent creative energy of God, applying scientific laws with cause and effect intact.

There are 2 aspects of this Nature … the Higher and the Lower Nature…. Higher Nature is the spiritual state and lower Nature is the material gross form of existence.At the beginning of creation all material entities arose from the unmanifest Nature and at the end of creation they dissolve into the same Nature…. Beyond this unmanifest, is the Supreme Consciousness state…the Abode of God !

The lower Nature is controlled by 3 attributes … Goodness, Passion, and Ignorance. Goodness being purer than the others , is Illuminating … liberating mankind from all sins, conditioned by bliss and intelligence, observing all aspects in the correct perspective.

The Passion aspect of Nature being Action oriented is influenced by sensual gratification, leading to Ignorance causing illusion and inertia.
 The Goodness quality of Nature provides Intellect…Passion causes desire fulfilment and Ignorance leads to indolent deeds.

Note by the author :This knowledge of Self realisation is acquired by seekers, from great seers and Grand Masters only by those students who are fully qualified and intellectually capable of absorbing the subtle nuances of Brahma vidya over a long period of time, clarifying many doubts arising in their minds ..In the spiritual field, even for very intelligent people , mere reading books alone may not suffice to give us the knowledge.. language cannot explain the reality that words cannot define.. Knowledge of God realisation is a deep hidden secret..I would therefore limit this discussion here and continue after the discerning reader of this treatise , culled from Vedas and Upanishads,  have meditated sufficiently on whatever has been written so far.. Much more to be continued .. please look out for more TREAT

God:Universal Consciousness

By Gopa D Nair


Human being is an embodied Soul, known as Atma in Sanskrit  and Rooh – Holy Spirit in  Arabic . Spirit is a person’s immortal essential self. This Spirit entity is present in all beings-animals, plants, planets,stars et-al .

The body has a limited lifespan but the spirit is permanent. Human beings are not conscious of this truth and this ignorance is the cause of our pain and misery.The purpose of creation of mankind and the goal of existence has been debated by the great grandmasters of the Vedic period and the crux of the issue was Soul realisation-Atma bodh – knowledge of God.
God principle is a supreme wonder.

Even the  people who have this knowledge by direct experience find it an amazing and mysterious Principle. The word ‘Principle’ here denotes a scientific law, shown or used in the working of something – a general truth as a basis of reasoning or action as in the laws of nature – ‘water‘ is considered to be the first Principle or causal factor of all creation.
There are 2 conscious principles of elements in the universe – the Manifest and the unmanifest .Manifest are all material objects and creatures in the universe – the stars, planets, mountains and all creatures- movable and immovable…In the manifest aspect the Lord God reflects the working or actions of “Material Nature “.

This entire universe and whatever is all elegant and powerful is a partial manifestation of God.The unmanifest element is imperishable , immutable … a non – becoming state – formless eternal entity.Beyond the manifest and the unmanifest state, there is a transcendent – surpassing – superior state… It is supernatural , beyond normal human experience… This is the Supreme Consciousness Principle – supreme unmanifest state that pervades the universe.

To be continued.Keep following for enlightenment.
Gopal D Nair
Founder Chairperson Chetana Foundation
(Writer ,Psychotherapist,
Pranic healer &
life skills trainer)
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